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In this talk, Dharma teacher Fred Eppsteiner explains the six human "sicknesses" or "knacks" and how they habitually arise and manifest in our daily lives. If we examine our lives closely, we may notice these "knacks" such as the knack for neediness, for being naughty, for violence, for laziness and carelessness, for being dependent, and for wrong view.

However through awareness of our life and our actions of body, speech, and mind, we can not only see how these sicknesses afflict us; but can see a way to health and well-being. Fred goes into details on how we can travel the Dharma road to health by cultivating being satisfied with oneself and one's life; cultivating a knack for goodness and virtue; cultivating a knack for protecting life and nonviolence; cultivating a knack for diligence and discipline; cultivating a knack for self responsibility and empowerment; and to cultivate a knack for right view.

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