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In this talk, Dharma Teacher Fred Eppsteiner continues the topic of the importance of understanding karma and how it is the key to transformation. Fred shows us how to reflect on the teachings of karma; to reflect deeply on what is presented and ask ourselves “Is that true for me?”

All the things we dwell upon in our mind, are creating our experience of life. In the meditation hall, in our homes, in all our activities; are we aware that whatever we are “chewing on” in our mind is shaping our experience? Do I understand and believe this is true for me? Does it accord with my logic and experience?

Fred encourages us to spend time reflecting and looking deeply to see if we really do believe that I become what I think. I am the product of my thoughts and mind states. My experience of life is shaped by my mind. Is that true for you?

And if we have determined this is true for me, what does my mind dwell on all day? What do I think about all day? And is what I dwell on congruent with my aspirations for this life?

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